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Difference between the custom clearance and freight forwarding personnel

by Joshua Stinson

When you are trying to move your goods from one point to another, you will always hear about custom clearance and freight forwarding.

When moving your products, you must know the main difference between the custom clearance and freight forwarding personnel. WE will explain these in detail in this article.

Let’s delve in.

The main functions of the customs clearance officer

· To process your package taxes

This is one of the main functions of a customs clearance officer. Most people often are not fully aware of their tax payments. So, they often do fall short of their payment.

When you do not pay your package tax, you will always have to spend a lot more during transit.

When you get a customs clearance agent, you will be able to understand your tax clearance processes and get all your jobs done within days.

· They make sure that you are up to date with your duties.

Exporting and importing goods from several countries requires a lot of duties to be paid. Most of these duties you may not know about. When you try to send or receive packages without knowing about your duties, you will fail in a lot of ways. This is why we highly recommend using customs clearance officers.

· They ensure that your package is delivered to you in one piece

With the help of the customs clearance officer, you will always get your package duly delivered to you. When you hire one, you will not experience any stress or complaint during transit. They are just the best.

So if you have been doubting the competent of a customs clearance officer, the points listed above should be enough to convince you otherwise. Let us proceed to discuss more on the freight forwarders

The main function of the freight forwarders.

Freight forwarders are very important in the entire logistics process. The good thing about them is that they perform a lot of functions that make you send and receive your goods with ease.

In the next sections, we will discuss extensively the functions of freight forwarders and why you need to get one for yourself.

· This is a person that organizes the shipment.

The main function of the freight forwards is to organize the shipment down to its final destination. The freight forwarders are the most important people in the logistics process.

What the freight forwarders do is that they get in contact with the main carriers and help them organize and move the goods to several destinations.

· They ensure that your package is secure.

With a good freight forwarder, you will see that your entire shipment process will be safe and secure. Your freight forward will protect your shipment and ensure that it is delivered to you within the shortest time.

Final words.

So, there you have it. We have done our best to show you the main differences between the customs clearance and freight forwarding agents. They are some of the most important people you need to know in your entire transit process.

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