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The Basics Of Four Column Hydraulic Presses

by Joshua Stinson
four column hydraulic press + about four colum hydraulic presses

four-column hydraulic press is a mechanical equipment that applies static pressure from hydraulic oil to manufacturing products. The machine can be used to process metal, plastic, wood, and powder products. These hydraulic presses are primarily used for pressing and press forming processes. Some of these processes are forging, stamping, extrusion, sheet drawing, and press lifting, to name a few. This post discusses all the essential details you should know about four-column hydraulic presses. 

What makes a four column hydraulic press different from other hydraulic presses?

Like other hydraulic presses, four-column hydraulic presses work by the principles of Pascal’s law. This law states that pressure applied to one point of a liquid is transmitted equally to all other fluid parts. The one significant element that makes four-column hydraulic presses different from the rest is hydraulic cylinders attached to the top plate or slide.

It is also worth mentioning that these hydraulic presses have four columns. The columns are situated at the edges of the side plates. These columns are often running through heavy-duty collars. The role of the four columns is also to certify a stable parallel placement of the side plate in reverence to the bolster plate. The four columns ensure that the parallel placement is maintained even if the working pressure is exerted onto the side plate and not the bolster plate.

These hydraulic presses also have independent power mechanisms and electrical systems. The machines are typically controlled by a button. This means that all you have to do is press the button to achieve a cycle.

What makes four column hydraulic presses a good option?

These hydraulic presses offer numerous benefits, which is why they are a good option for various applications. Below are some of these benefits;

  • The machines are suitable for a wide range of applications. These applications are mostly, but not exclusively, in the metalworking industry
  • The machines are great for forming plastics, die-cutting, metal forming, deep-drawing, and several other pressing processes
  • Four column hydraulic presses perform to high accuracy levels. This means that they guarantee reliability and high productivity
  • The machines are easy to operate
  • They can accommodate a wide range of die sizes, and they come in several bed sizes

How to maintain four column hydraulic presses

Below are a few tips you can use for maintaining this mechanical equipment;

  • Pay keen attention to the storage and working oil transfer by ensuring that the oil drums are covered and specially marked
  • Avoid mixing oil into the barrel in winter to avoid the condensation of air into moisture
  • Cover your engine and other mechanical systems with anti-freezing, heating, and insulating materials during the cold seasons
  • Change to low-viscosity working oil during winter


Note that this type of hydraulic press comes in varying designs. The designs are based on the applications of the machines. In most cases, you can customize your machine to suit the task at hand. Regardless, the information above will come in handy if you are getting into the hydraulic press industry.