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What Is So Special About the 3D Printer Extruder?

by Joshua Stinson

For every 3D printer, there is an extruder present. This part of the 3D printer is very well known, even to people who do not have 3D printers.

The extruder is among the 3D printer parts and accessories can never be out of style or out of use. Without the extruder, there is no 3D printing.

There are many other essential parts of a 3D printer. Some are called hots beds, skirts, print beds, and so on. Some of the names are not so common but cannot be done without.

The extruder plays a great role in additive manufacturing. The extruder is solely responsible for the process of additive manufacturing.

What Is an Extruder?

3D extruders are the parts of the 3D printer that extrudes. The term to extrude refers to the process of forming something by pushing or forcing it out.

The main purpose of the extruder is to deposit, arrange or form the solid design model. and without the extruder, there will be too many irregularities for the specifications of the object to be accurate.

Sometimes the extruder is used just to bond the agent that is meant for solidifying the material. The material is sometimes in form of powder.

In many cases, the extruder ejects semi-liquid or liquid material, placing it in layers in a 3D volume. But in other cases, it only gives off a bonding agent used for solidifying.

Some 3D Printing Technologies That Require an Extruder

It is a very popular occurrence to find the extruder on fused deposition modeling (FDM) and fused filament fabrication (FFF). These printer models can almost not do without the extruders.

Another set of 3D printers that require the expertise of the extruders is the binder jet. These machines require the effective and proper operation of the extruder.

The Binder jet polyjet as some might know it, require the extruder o be s precise and perfectly carry out its already programmed role.

All the machines and printers engage in additive manufacturing. All these printers and machines carry out their roles by depositing material before there is a transformation.

Transformation can be by adding ab boding an agent or make adjustments to the chemical properties.

The Main Elements of An Extruder

1. The Cold End

This is the upper part of the 3D printer. It is at this point that the filament is fed. This end is made up of some toothed gear, the stepper motor, spring loader idler, and a PTFE tubbing.

2. The Hot End

This is the chamber where the filaments are melted and extruded. When the printing process is on, the filaments move from the cold end to the hot end.

The filament will again feel the heat when it gets to the nozzle. It liquifies or tuns to semi-liquid.

A major component of the hot end is the nozzle.it has a tiny end where the melted filament is forced out. The nozzles are easily replaceable since they are screwed onto the end of the hot end.


The importance of the extruder can not be quantified. That means that the part of the 3D printer should be properly managed and maintained for prolonged service life.

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