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Being Cautious When Working with an Optical Fiber

by Joshua Stinson

If you are a cable installation expert, then you are at risk of facing various safety hazards at work. This is because you will be working with copper as well as fiber optic cables. Most professionals opt to use fiber optic lighting cables because copper provokes cautious handling anyway. Because fiber optic lighting cable carries some light with it, it is often assumed to be a safer medium.

What is a fiber optic lighting cable? What safety measures should you take?

Fiber optic cables are designed to help enhance data communication and voice and light in several applications. The technology is flexible. It is also extraordinary, and that is why it comes with advanced methods of projecting communication.

For that reason, these new methods have revealed additional uses of fiber optical cable lighting. If you compromise on any point herein, you will risk your life and those of your loved ones. That is because fiber optics installation causes tremendous health dangers.

1. Wear your fiber optic safety glasses

As the need for laser tech is continuously growing in the market, one latest innovation is a laser with high beams of light in optic fibers. These are fiber lasers. You can also call them optic lasers with fiber.

Every individual within the vicinity of installing a fiber-optic laser should wear a laser safety glass. The glass must have side shields. These structures prevent fiber shards from entering your eyes. Even if you wear prescription glasses, you must still wear safety glasses.

2. Keep food and drinks away from the working vicinity

While you may be starving at some point during the installation process of fiber optic lighting cables, you must keep food and drinks away from the site. The particles from fibers such as small glass fragments can enter into your food.

They may also cause lacerations to the throat as well as the digestive system. And before you leave the site, you should check your clothes for fiber fragments.

3. Do not look down

It is crucial to keep your eyes up to the task always. Do not look down the fiber ends. And if you must, please ensure that there is no light projecting from the fiber. This also means that you can utilize a tracer. This should be an optical tracer that traces light coming through the cable. But you will barely realize it because of its short wavelength. And that is why you must never look down.

4. Fiber optic splinters

Splinters are an issue in the fiber optic installation business. If you have been dealing with fibers, then you have received one or two of these. Any time you cleave a fiber, you will see fiber pieces made of glass. These materials land on the operating table. Therefore, they may break your skin because they are small. It would help if you watched out for these splinters to prevent skin damage.

Final Thoughts

Following the stated tips on fiber optic cable installation can keep you healthy while making the work environment safe for all workers. Note, a keen eye on safety helps you ensure you do a diligent job free of personal injuries.

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