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Top Considerations When Looking To Buy A Laser Cutter

by Joshua Stinson

Laser cutters can be used to make functional and beautiful products. They are versatile, thus enabling you to get right into work with your designs. A laser cutter can cut through a wide range of materials with high precision. Unlike a CNC router, a laser cutter can create items with ultra-sharp details since the laser’s beam is narrow. The majority of people in the woodwork and metalwork industries are using laser cutters due to their benefits. As a result, there are several laser cutters in the market. To find a top-notch quality, cheap laser cutter, you need to consider the factors outlined below.

1. Know Your Working Needs

You need to establish your processing needs first before choosing the ideal laser cutting machine. If your venture deals with cutting pipes and metals, you will need to find an affordable metal cutter. However, you cannot use the same laser cutter for thicker metals since you will need more power. What’s more, you should consider purchasing a CO2 laser cutter if you handle non-metal workpieces.

2. Decide on the Right Size, Power, and Other Parameters 

Knowing your processing requirements will also help you determine the machine’s size and power. The size of a laser cutting machine will determine the size of cuts or engravings you can make. The larger the machine size, the larger the workpieces you can cut or engrave. Additionally, a larger machine will enable you to cut multiple small parts simultaneously. But this does not necessarily mean that you should get the largest laser cutter. Remember, the larger the size, the higher the prices. Therefore you also need to consider your budget. 

3. Power Requirements

The laser’s power determines its cutting ability. The greater the power of the machine, the stronger the cutting ability. Knowing the maximum thickness of the workpieces you will be handling is necessary to know your power requirements. Ensure you get a laser cutter with slightly larger power to cut the thickest wood or metals sheets. 

4. Machine Quality

When looking for a laser cutter, you need to look at its quality. The best machine will have high-quality parts and components. Therefore, it will offer better accuracy when cutting.

5. Check the Manufacturer’s Services and Support

The customer service and warranty period of every manufacturer vary greatly. Most individuals will pay attention to customer support and after-sales services the vendor offers. A reliable supplier should provide clients with the laser cutter’s maintenance plan, software, and related training systems. You are likely to experience issues when using the machine, so it is also crucial to know that the manufacturer will offer timely solutions. That is why you should choose a vendor with excellent customer service. Before selecting manufacturers, find out if they have technical support, how quickly they respond to questions, and whether they have a company webpage. A reputable manufacturer will also provide you a warranty if you buy their laser cutters.


There are numerous laser machines in the market today with the advancements in laser technology. So, you need to spend plenty of time researching to find the best laser cutter for your processing needs. When selecting a laser cutting machine for your business, you should consider your size and power requirements and the manufacturer’s support.

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