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How Does An Automatic Labeling Machine Work?

by Joshua Stinson

Shanghai Consung is one of the leading labeling machine manufacturers in the market. The company is based in Shanghai, China, but serves thousands of clients in various parts of the world. Before buying a labeling machine from a company like Consung, it would help if you understand how an automatic label operates.

How does an automatic labeling machine work?

Below is a step by step guide on how an automatic labeler works;

Step 1: Install and configure the machine

The first step of using this machine is to install and configure it. This task may be a bit challenging for someone new to the industry. Therefore, you may need some assistance from a technician. Most companies that sell these machines usually provide installation and configuration services. However, if you are great at following instructions, you can always read the manual then install and configure the machine by yourself.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate settings

The next thing you must do is to choose the appropriate settings for your labeling needs. This should be easy to do if you have read the machine manual and understand how it works. With this information, the task of choosing an appropriate setting should be easy. You can use the display or control panel on the machine to choose your settings.

Step 3: Put the labels in place

Note that a labeling machine is not used to print the labels. The machine is only used to place the labels on the products. Therefore, before you even start using the labeling machine, the first thing you should do is ensure that the labels are ready. The labels usually go in the labeler, which will convey them to the other components of the machine.

Step 4: Place the material or container in the right section

The next step is to place the material you want to label on the right section. In this case, the container or product goes on the tray. You must ensure that the product is placed in the correct position; failure to do this will result in the label being placed in the wrong place.

Step 5: Start the labeling process

When using a labeling machine, you do not have to worry about this step. All you need is to use controls to start the labeling process and watch it go. You do not have to exert any physical effort in this step.

Step 6: Monitor the process

While the process does not require any human effort, it would be wise to monitor the process. Most labeling machines come with an HMI control panel or a touch screen display, allowing you to monitor the process effortlessly.

Step 7: Assess the items

The last part of the process is assessing the products after labeling. The role of this step is to ensure that the process was successful.


Labeling using an automatic device is a walk in the park. It is also very fast since a single machine can label up to thousands of products in a single day. This is the main reason why automatic labeling has taken over from manual labeling.

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