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Ranking the best Metals that conducts heat best

by Joshua Stinson

A lot of modern appliances needed to function in today’s world require good conductivity of heat. This is one reason why most of them are constructed with metals. Not only does it end in the construction, you also need a metal heat sink such An aluminum heat sink¬†to help cool off its effect.

This article gives a rundown of the best metals rfsr are ideal for metal conductivity:

Best Heat Conducting Metals

1. Diamond

It’s not surprising that diamond is the first to be on this list. Not only does it conduct heat five times better than copper, but diamond also has atoms that are created to transfer heat. These materials have simple composition and structure with high values to conduct heat.

2. Silver

Silver is an abundant and affordable heat conductor. It is used for various appliances, versatile, and malleable. Thirty-five percent of silver is used for electronics and electrical tools. Silver paste, a silver bi-product, has a high demand. It is friendly to the environment, an xenergy alternative, and It is used to produce photovoltaic cells, which are essentially solar panel components.

3. Copper

Copper is a commonly used metal that helps for the making appliances that conduct thermal energy. It comes with a high melting point, has a moderate corrosion rate, and is very effective in minimizing loss of energy through the transfer of heat. In other cases, copper is used to make car radiators, water pipes, and metal pans. These utilize copper properties.

4. Gold

This is an expensive and rare metal that is used for conductive specific applications. Gold does not tarnish like copper and silver, and it can withstand conditions like those with high corrosion amounts.

5. Silicon Carbide

This is a conductor which is made from mixing carbon and silicon stones. Fused and created together, carbon and silicon bond to make a durable and hard material. It’s a mixture that is used to create steel mixtures, turbine machines, and car brakes.


Though not more conducive, aluminum is generally used as an affordable copper replacement. It is available and simple to manipulate, has a low melting point, used to make an aluminum heat sink, and an essential component to make L.E.D lights. The mixes gained popularity, and they could easily harness the properties of aluminum and copper. It could be manufactured at affordable costs too.

7. Tungsten

Tungsten has a high melting point, and a low vapor pressure. It is ideal for appliances that are exposed to high electric currents. The chemical level aids in using it for electrodes. These are electron microscopes that are used without changing the electrical currents. They are also used in light bulbs.

8. Graphite

This is an abundant metal that is lightweight and affordable. It is usually compared with different allotropes of carbon, and used frequently as a polymer addition. Most batteries are created with graphite.

Final Thoughts

One of the best metals used to create heat sinks is aluminum. It is preferred because it is lightweight and affordable when compared to other metals that conduct heat.Click here to know a reliable aluminum heatsink manufacturer.

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