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Roles And Responsibilities Of Fulfillment Companies

by Joshua Stinson

Nextsmartship is a China fulfillment center based in Shenzen. The company is located in the headquarters of international manufacturing. It is dedicated to providing a wide range of companies with the highest-quality of fulfillment services. In this post, we discuss fulfillment services in depth.

What are fulfillment services?

A fulfillment service is a third-party warehouse whose role is to prepare and ship orders on behalf of an eCommerce company. All these things happen in a fulfillment center. Fulfillment services are essential for eCommerce businesses that do not want the task of dealing with shipping. They are also ideal for companies that have grown beyond existing warehousing capabilities. Such companies may be at a point where they cannot fulfill the shipment of orders without assistance.

What are the roles of fulfillment centers?

It is worth noting that there are several fulfillment centers in existence. However, each of them operates differently. Regardless of the differences, the companies still handle the same roles and responsibilities. Below are some of the primary responsibilities and roles of fulfillment centers or companies:

1.Command centers for prepping and shipping products

One of the primary responsibilities of fulfillment centers is to act as a command center for preparing orders and shipping. This means that the packaging of the products and shipping is done from the fulfillment centers. As the name suggests, the centers help to fulfill the needs and orders of clients.

2.Acting as warehouse

A fulfillment center also acts as warehouse space for companies that do not have space. Companies that have grown so much that their former spaces are no longer sufficient also use fulfillment centers for storing their inventory. This allows companies to continue holding on to products regardless of the minimum storage.

What are the benefits of fulfillment centers?

Fulfillment centers offer the following benefits:


One of the top benefits of fulfillment centers is providing the necessary storage, thus allowing companies to focus on other aspects. This especially comes in handy for a company run from a home front or one that does not have a lot of space. Thus, by deligating product storage duties, it means the primary will have less to worry about, thus concentrating on customer satisfaction and sourcing.

2.Quick shipping

Fulfillment centers or companies also help eCommerce businesses to process and fulfill orders as fast as possible. However, this depends on the location of the center concerning the location of the client. Some companies use fulfillment centers in different areas to minimize the burden and take on orders from a wide range of clients.

3.Fewer management responsibilities

Using a fulfillment center means you do not have to worry about employing your team to handle shipping and prepping orders. This means that you will have fewer management responsibilities. It also means that you won’t have to spend extra money.


Fulfillment companies are a blessing for eCommerce businesses. Over the years, they have become so popular that the fulfillment industry is currently worth more than a billion dollars. The market is packed with companies offering fulfillment services that you are spoilt for choices.

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