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State of the art Drugs for COVID 19 by VulcanChem

by Joshua Stinson

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, scientists from around the world have started to look out for the cure of this deadly virus. Even though there is no medicine available right now to cure this disease directly. But there are certain drugs for Covid-19 treatment that are much effective on use. VulcanChem is also working day and night to help find the exact cure of this virus by providing the required compound for research purposes.

Existing Remedies:

Since COVID-19 involves the replication of the virus inside your body without letting your immune system notice it. With considerable research, lab testing, and sampling, 21 existing drugs are much effective in stopping the virus from making its replicas. VulcanChem has further put a step forward by providing the research-grade compounds to speed up the process of finding the exact cure. These 21 compounds can be summarized as follow by differentiating them as per the stages of development:

  • Two out of these compounds have attained FDA approval and can be used under Emergency
  • Four combinations are under trial along with the antimalarial drug and are undergoing the phase 3 clinical testing
  • 13 have cleared the clinical testing and are under consideration for effective doses, concentration, and safety limitation for Covid-19 patients
  • All of these are available at VulcanChem, and they supply them worldwide to all the research institutes, hospitals, and research centers.

Quality Compounds currently used for Curing Covid-19:

VulcanChem is presently providing the following quality compounds as potential cures for the Covid-19 Research purposes:


Is an antiviral that had not yet got FDA approval for commercial use. Due to its contribution to controlling Ebola, SARC, and MERC, it is now under consideration as a treatment for Covid-19. And it’s found effective in preventing the infection or a vitro study level.


It is a steroid-based medicine useful for curing multiple allergic reactions. And is currently under trial to find out its outcomes on exposure to the Covid-19 virus.


This antibacterial remedy is helpful in treating bacteria diseases of Pneumonia and Bronchitis. And is under a lot of research for COVID-19 cure at vitro scale.

Avigan and Tamiflu:

These medicines are useful in the treatment of flu and are under consideration for being the cure of the deadly disease.

Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine:

These two compounds are effective in treating Malaria and Autoimmune conditions. There is yet a mix and match of opinions whether these medications are helpful to treat COVID-19.


This compound acts as the immune booster that could be a milestone in treating this disease.


This is a standard medicine useful to treat the parasitic infections, but recently it is found effective in controlling the growth of the corona Virus by prohibiting it from replication

But for your information, these compounds are under testing in labs in a certain condition. And they are not under use for curing human beings till now. Further research and lab testing is proving these compounds much promising in treating the virus.

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