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How to Properly Maintain Your CNC Machine?

by Joshua Stinson

No doubt, your CNC machine gives a massive boost to your production process. Its state of the art features makes your advantages innumerable. From its impressive precision to its time-saving capabilities and its versatility, you are assured of an impressive production process. However, maintenance remains a long-standing issue most CNC machine owners find difficult to grasp. Maintaining CNC machining parts is quite tasking and often requires a strong technical understanding. However, that proper maintenance of a CNC machine is not far-fetched. Should you find yourself scratching your head when attempting to maintain your CNC machine, this manual, is designed to give you a proper understanding of how to maintain your CNC machine.

How to maintain your CNC machine?

1. Ensure it is clean and properly lubricated

Like every other machinery, the CNC needs consistent cleaning and lubrication. As a machine designed to keep working and all times, maintenance, should always come in handy and properly. Ensure you put the right kinds of oil and other lubricants as at when due to be assured, of better output at all times.

2. Keep and follow a maintenance schedule

It is known that every CNC machines come with a maintenance schedule. Its purpose is to guide you as to the various processes and how often the CNC should be maintained. Keeping a proper maintenance schedule has many benefits for your CNC machine. First, you can always detect faults as soon as possible. Secondly, it guarantees your usage of your warranty any you observe something is amiss.

3. Keep spare parts

You always need to be prepared for failure in your CNC machining parts. You must always keep spare parts. No matter how frugal you may seem with the use of your CNC machine, over time, you might experience a little fail in some of the CNC machining parts. To avoid unnecessary stalling in your production process, it’s essential always to ensure that you have sufficient spare parts kept at all times.

4. It is essential to keep proper records.

While keeping records is not an exact means of maintaining your CNC machine, it has its relevance. With proper records kept, you can monitor the progress of your machine, understand its times of usage, production rates and frequent hardware issues, if there are any.

5. Train personnel on maintenance techniques

People, especially technicians who handle the CNC machine, must be properly trained as to its handling and maintenance. The training involves letting handlers understand both the software as well as hardware know-how required to handle the CNC machine.


As mentioned prior, the CNC machine gives you the edge you need in terms of production. Its advanced features are indeed a game-changer. However, to enjoy your CNC machine for extended periods, proper maintenance culture must be imbibed. You should routinely check if it’s appropriately oiled. Furthermore, you should also keep tabs on its wellbeing. It is also essential for keeping spare parts at all times as occurrences of hardware faults are inevitable with extended usage over time.

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