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Introducing Pressure in a Cement Bagging Machine

by Joshua Stinson

Pressure is particularly important in every Cement bagging machine and other machines used in packaging dry powder. Without pressure, the process will be extremely slow and inaccurate.

In this article, instructions on how to introduce pressure in a packaging machine as well as its importance are discussed.

How to Introduce More a Pressure in a Cement Bagging Machine

Without pressure, filling a cement bag could take forever. Even though the bag weight remains correct in some cases, the sluggishness of the whole process is a total turn-off.

The best way to eliminate this downside is to introduce more pressure by observing the following rules

1. Eliminate every obstruction

Search for possible obstruction and get rid of them. When adequate air is prevented from entering the air pad and the disseminator, it generates less pressure.

Unfortunately, this pressure wouldn’t be enough to move the air out of the packaging machine. Therefore to maintain sufficient pressure in the machine, every obstruction must be taken care of.

2. Check the Low-Pressure Blowers

Faulty Low-pressure blowers could be a cause of inadequate supply of pressure in the machine. A blower should be able to supply high volume and low-pressure air. This is the only way to ensure that fluidizing air is provided for the proper functioning of the machine.

Additionally, blowers shouldn’t be too small, or too old. You should also check out the relief valves put in place to ensure that machines are not over-pressurized. Make sure that these valves have not been modified and that part of the air being generated is not vented off.

3. Modify the Relief Valves

As described earlier, modified relief valves can restrict the flow of air in the machine. To deal with this issue, every worn-out relief valve should be replaced instead of being rigged.

With a new relief valve, pressure can be maintained at 5 PSI even though in some cases volume might still be less than optimal. Another advantage of using a new relief valve is that it provides enough air for parallel fluidizing and pressurizing.

Importance of Pressure in a Cement Bagging Machine

For a filling machine to keep working efficiently at maximum speed, natural head pressure must be maintained. Especially in situations when the blower is not able to create pressurized air that would supply the machine with artificial head pressure.

Every machine should be able to maintain different head pressures in different situations. These changes in head pressure dictate the flow of products which directly determines the accuracy of the process.

As a system operator, being able to monitor the operations manually enables you to know when to stop filling. Failure to do this might result in production problems because not every machine is capable of bagging faster than they can blend.


Proper attention to how pressure is introduced and its benefits is very critical. You need to understand that setting up a Cement bagging machine does not simply entail moving it under a supply bin and linking it with other ground equipment.

Rather, it involves being able to supply the machine with an adequate and regular supply of pressure and other materials.

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